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Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Mrs. L.C. Beechcroft, President of AWC London, and a member. Cocktail Party for Mrs. Roosevelt, London, March 1948.


We invite you to share your thoughts, and memories about Eleanor Roosevelt or others who have been instrumental in promoting human rights as well as your concerns and hopes for human rights today and in the future.

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What? It is 60 years old and you haven't read it yet?  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is about your rights and everyone's rights. Let's all work together to raise global awareness of the lasting heritage of Eleanor Roosevelt.   Paula Daeppen, Zurich, Switzerland, January 2008 

Eleanor Roosevelt embodied in her life the principles of fundamental freedoms and human rights long before they were codified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights where she served as chairperson and inspiring leader.  Anne Herdt, Val d'Illiez, Switzerland, March 2008

Eleanor Roosevelt is remembered for many things- as great First Lady, as a formidable civil rights activist, as a champion of the downtrodden, however she always considered that her work at the UN on the Universal Declaration of Rights was her greatest accomplishment. Most historians concur.  This amazing woman truly is a role model par excellence for all to admire. What a woman!  Pam Perraud, Houston, Texas, April 2008

A Day to Remember  - The scuffling of adolescent feet, shod in leather loafers and saddle shoes or newly emerging cheaper material created to supply such ongoing World War II needs, suddenly subsided.  The elected student representatives slipped into their seats as their nations's First Lady appeared on the podium.

Eleanor Roosevelt had agreed to become the guest speaker at the annual Herald Tribune Youth Forum for New York city and Long Island high school students.  Her nationally recognized, sustained and total dedication to the education of all American youth increasingly captured her audience.  They became enthralled listeners as she placed before them their future as citizens who must promote their rights and responsibilities. 

Following a protracted questions and illustrative answering period, she personally greeted each participant.  The engulfing warmth of her smile and hand ignited the wavering flickers of hopeful enthusiasms within each of us.  We left fortified that tiny inner flames might become the candles which would enlighten us and others as we wended our ways through life. 

Memories from that day have been cherished throughout darker hours, to be repeatedly brightened by them.  Her life continues to inspire those yet remaining from that day and all others who encounter its example.  A survivor, G deB, May 2008

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