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" Almost at once I began to discover that interest leads to interest, knowledge leads to more knowledge, the capacity for understanding grows with the effort to understand."

---Eleanor Roosevelt


 Lesson Plans and Ideas for Teachers

Grades: K-12

Subjects: Geography, Language Arts, Social Studies, Media, Environmental Studies, Humanities, Sociology

Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans for the classroom.

• Creating lessons for students to share observations, informational data and historical information relating to them individually, in their classroom with fellow students, and also community wide. 
• The lesson plans and website links below can provide a doorway into the world of Eleanor Roosevelt and her drive for human rights worldwide.
• Students and teachers can research the history and cultural significance of selected subject areas and create their own historical narratives.
• Students will learn about the discovery of a female American hero: Eleanor Roosevelt.
• Resources/ Materials needed: pen/paper and internet access to download website links and articles.
Important Websites and Links:

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The Library of Congress website: An American Memory of Eleanor Roosevelt

Women's Trade Union League- Eleanor Roosevelt was a member of this active group

Eleanor's Speeches

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum Website: Hyde Park, New York


Universities with Human Rights Education info for teachers – a short selection

Columbia University, New York City, New York ; www.columbia.edu/cu/humanrights
Established in 1978 at Columbia University, the Center for the Study of Human Rights is committed to three core goals of providing excellent human rights education to Columbia students, fostering innovative interdisciplinary academic research, and offering its expertise in capacity building to human rights leaders, organizations, and universities around the world.

University of Oslo,  Norway
The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights - NCHR - is an independent national human rights institution, a centre for national and international research on human rights, a centre which promotes rights-based development and a centre for human rights education. The NCHR is a centre within the University of Oslo, Norway

University of Pretoria, South Africa

University of Berkley, California

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  • Human Rights Education

     The Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Workshop for Girls

    One of Eleanor Roosevelt’s greatest legacies was her interest in promoting human rights and women’s involvement in social justice. She was keenly aware that children, particularly young girls, needed extra encouragement to not only participate, but to take leadership roles in social change.

    It was therefore fitting, that the Eleanor Roosevelt Val Kill organization (ERVK), a non-profit, non-partisan NGO, sponsors a unique leadership program for young girls with Eleanor Roosevelt as the inspiration.

    There are two workshop sessions given every summer at Val Kill, Eleanor Roosevelt’s
    personal retreat located near Hyde Park, New York.   Begun in 1997, the program was designed for 30 girls each session, between the ages of 14 and 16, who are not only good students but girls who have already shown an interest in community service and in promoting social justice.

    The 9 days are filled with seminars, interactive workshops and field trips which include a visit to the UN Headquarters in New York.  The sessions are taught by talented women practitioners who serve as role models and mentors stressing empowerment and developing leadership skills in the next generation of activists. This program is a wonderful ongoing tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt and her ideals. 

    For more information about the program, see the website at www.ervk.org/glw